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Recuperative Furnaces

Key Features

Up to 250 tpd

Fuel efficient
Low emissions
High quality glass
Long campaign life

Recuperative Furnaces

Tecoglas recuperative furnaces are typically used by the container industry for the melting of soda lime glass and by the textile fibre industries for the melting of low alkali borosilicate glass.

Our recuperative furnaces are characterised by their low fuel consumption and low emissions whilst producing high quality glass and achieving a long campaign life.

In some applications, bubbler systems are utilised to enhance convection flow patterns and to increase melter bottom temperature. Also, electric boost may be installed to increase the production rate for a given melter size or to reduce emissions or a combination of these needs. Electric boost can also be used to enhance glass quality.

Recuperative type furnaces are used for glass melting applications up to 250 tonnes per day.