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Demolition, construction and commissioning

Your glass melting furnace is different from other pieces of plant equipment.

It is likely to be the largest piece of equipment in the plant and because it is the source of molten glass, the plant cannot function without it. Because of their size, furnaces are assembled and built on site by professionals and when they have come to the end of their useful life, have to be demolished by experts and removed from site by means of specialist waste disposal. Legislation in different parts of the world demands varying degrees of hazardous waste removal – Tecoglas has considerable experience in dealing with all of these issues, assisting in the recycling of materials where possible. This is different from many other types of equipment that can be brought in completely assembled and set into place or removed from site and be easily disposed of as a stand-alone piece of equipment. Because of this, the integration of engineering and construction or engineering and demolition demands excellence in project management, as does the specialist commissioning of your project.

In addition to the cost of your furnace, the services that are bundled within the furnace “package” should be considered seriously. Technical services and project management are an important aspect of the delivery process that are often overlooked; however, their effect on the overall cost are significant. These services have important risk management implications in the buying and delivery process, so it is important to use a reputable and established supplier such as Tecoglas.