Products and Services


For a new application, start working with us in the early planning phases so the necessary parameters and scope can be established and a programme developed for accomplishing the task within budget and schedule constraints. For modernisation of existing processes, a field audit is required to establish parameters and scope.

Batch plants can be modernised whilst maintaining glass production. Also, furnace systems can be improved while in operation by altering the combustion system, adding bubblers and/or electric boost. The improvement of the post forming operation can be achieved on the run.

The TECO Group of companies can handle a complete glass manufacturing plant on a design/build basis, utilising your forming technology and/or forming technology provided by others. Also, we can handle segments of your project such as a batch plant, furnace, forehearth, etc, or even just the management of the project or assisting with troubleshooting, consultancy or service work regarding your existing installation.

We can literally support you from conception to completion... and beyond.