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Oxy-Fuel Furnaces

Up to 800 tpd
Reduction in NOx emissions
Improvement in fuel efficiency
Eliminates need for combustion fan, therefore, energy savings
Long campaign life
Improved glass quality
Simplified maintenance

Oxy-fuel can be used to increase glass melting capacity for a given melting area. Also, when regenerators or recuperators deteriorate, oxy-fuel can be applied, in part or in total, to maintain the production level desired.

NOx emissions are reduced substantially with a complete oxy-fuel conversion.

Whenever oxy-fuel melting is utilised, it will generally provide an improvement in fuel efficiency when compared with traditional air-fuel melting. Other energy savings are obtained with elimination of the combustion air fan and reduction of hot fan energy requirements.

These energy savings help to offset the cost of oxygen.

Oxy-fuel eliminates the regenerators or recuperator, which can be the overriding factor that determines life of an air-fuel furnace. With oxy-fuel, life is determined by the melter itself, usually resulting in a longer campaign.

With a properly designed oxy-fuel furnace, glass quality will be improved compared to air-fuel melting. An additional benefit is the steady state operation when compared to regenerative melters.

With no regenerators or recuperator, the furnace operation and maintenance are simplified.



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